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Nightmare - A Work in Progress

This page is dedicated to the creation, development and progress of my first "signature" piece; "Nightmare". It is a multiple snake piece which at first sight elicits that standard "nightmare" of a snake pit and its perceived darkness. Here you will be able to see the initial design, individual piece completion and the final outcome.

This was the original concept; only 3 snakes intertwined. However, .....

my imagination got the best of me and I increased the madness to 7 snakes. This is where it stands, for now. Where it will end up nobody knows.

This is the first snake completed; "Skeletar" (name seems appropriate).

This is the second snake completed; "Random Thoughts" (or is it?; I haven't decided if it should get a good dose of "red" in its skin).

A "Nightmare" in progress; "Skeletar" and "Random Thoughts" included. The design has already changed; I am sure it will change again (and again, and again).

Here's a surprise; another change. This one is somewhat radical. I have added two pieces that I had not intended on using ("Charmed" and "Warrior of Darkness). I've also included the latest addition, "Old Double Eyes".

This is the third piece completed; "Old Double Eyes". 

This is one of the pieces (previously completed and not originally intended for "Nightmare") added, "Warrior of Darkness".

This is the other piece added, "Charmed".

Let's see how long this "design" can last. 

Well, that lasted about 4 hours. I think I'm getting close to the end (of my line; not the design!). And now I must return to my staredown with this beast; I bet it blinks first (I wouldn't bet any money on this unless you can afford to lose it). Well, atleast it's starting to look like a snake pit, isn't it?

This is the latest piece completed and added; although, I must admit I have yet to name it. Any suggestions? Update; this baby gets the moniker of "Short, But Sweet".

Surprise, surprise. Yet another change! I've "rearranged" and added yet another unintended piece, "Two-Faced". Now this "Nightmare" is up to 9 pieces; I think that it finally looks right, but you know me. Hopefully you can tell that I've moved the piece out of the living room and into the studio for these shots. Actually starting to look better (thanks Robert!).

A close up.

Yet another view.

This is yet another piece added, "Two-Faced". Why, because I can.

Well, I was hoping to beat 4 hours but apparently not; only made it about 3 hours before I changed it again. The good news is that I don't have any more pieces just "layin' around" to add so the only changes at this point should be in the "arrangement". This looks a little better than the last version.

Come back in a couple of days to see the latest additions, completions and revisions.

No changes for this report; however, does this look like a "gourdgy" to you? Thanks for the insight Aaron; sometimes you just need a single man's perspective.

Alrighty then; just completed "Squareback Ratlur" (the one in the very back) and only have one more to go! Hooyah! Hopefully, should be completed by the end of this weekend. Well, better get back to "work"; hah! Oh yeah, did you notice the change in background color? Just checkin' to see if you were awake.

My Nightmare is over! Here it is, for your viewing enjoyment.

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