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Upcycled Furniture

Upcycled Furniture - Upcycling, recycling, repurposing and reinventing materials to create one-of-a-kind shabby chic, boho and rustic furniture pieces. Trash day, garage sales and friendly "offerings" are the source of almost all the materials used; and when combined with a bit of imagination unique pieces come to life. Another cubic foot of landfill saved!

Shabby Chic Accessory #3



Shabby Chic Accessory #2



Boho Arm Dining Chair

Dumpster dive chair, garage sale quilt remnant, wood applique and chalk paint

Shabby Chic/Boho Ottoman

Curb rescued faux leather ottoman, quilt remnant, curb scavenged pallet boards, garage sale wood appliques and chalk paint

Shabby Chic Bench

Old dining chairs, garage sale quilt remnant, chalk paint and glaze

Shabby Chic Footstool

Garage sale straw stool, garage sale African print dress and chalk paint

Boho Bench

Curb rescued headboard, garage sale metal applique, old comforter, leftover legs, old fence pickets, old shed rusty tin


Boho Dining Table

Old table top, shipping crate, rescued pallet boards, chalk paint and glaze

Shabby Chic Bench

Garage sale headboard, rescued pallet boards, curb rescue legs, chalk paint and glaze

Custom Repurposed Kitchen Island

Shipping crate, wood "leftovers", recycled legs, metal applique, recycled tin siding, chalk paint and glaze

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